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Influenza - its Symptoms and Causes
&nbsp,cheap fake mont blanc pens;by: David Chandler
Know more about Influenza
Influenza better known as the "flu" is an infection of the respiratory tract that can affect millions of people,www.cheaphermesbelts.org. The influenza virus can be spread from person to person through coughing and sneezing of an infected individual,gym red 11s.
Statistics show about 20,kobe 11 all star,000 Americans die from influenza or influenza related pneumonia each year. Pneumonia and influenza are the sixth common cause of death in the United States. Elderly (65+) make up more than 90% of the 20,wholesale yeezys,000 Americans who die from this illness each year.
A person may contract the influenza virus and not experience any symptoms for a few days,replica yeezys. The incubation period for the influenza virus ranges from 1-4 days,cheap gym red jordans.
Is there more than one type of Influenza virus,fake ferragamo belts?
What is influenza,fake ferragamo belt?
There are three different kinds of Influenza viruses: Influenza A,yeezy zebra, Influenza B,mont blanc pens for sale, and Influenza C. Influenza A can attack animals and humans,jordan 11 red pe for sale, the remaining two (Influenza B and Influenza C) can only attack humans. Influenza C causes a very mild infection and does not provoke epidemics.
When observed through an electron microscope,kobe 12 ad cheap, influenza viruses are figured like filaments or spheres. Immunity to one strain of the influenza virus will not protect you against newly born strains of the virus,kobe 12 elite cheap, which has undergone minor changes or mutations.
The Influenza B and Influenza C virus may infect only human beings while Influenza A may infect several different types of animals. Influenza A virus can sicken many various types of animals,air jordan 11 gym red, including humans,kobes 11 for sale, aquatic mammals,yeezys 350, birds,fake yeezy v2, horses,kobe 12 elite, swine,yeezys boost 350 v2 cheap for sale, and others.
At times when two different strains of viruses combine in humans or animals,replica uggs, they result in a new unique strain of virus with more immunity. The modern 2004 Influenza Vaccine is made of three strains,replica hermes belt, which include two strains of influenza A and one strain of influenza B.
About The Author
David Chandler
For more information,yeezy cheap for sale, visit http://www.fluinfocenter.com.
This article was posted on September 18,replica mont blanc pens, 2005
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