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More than four hundred and forty thousand people die in the United States each year from smoking. Smoking is directly responsible for causing lung cancer,ugg bailey button, heart disease,uggs for sale, strokes,uggs, and pregnancy complications,bailey button triplet uggs, not to mention contributing to overall poorer health. So why do so many people still smoke? Because trying to quit is one of the most difficult things to do. However,buy replica ray bans, you CAN do it with a little help and determination.
If you smoke and have tried to quit,ugg boots, you know how difficult and painful it can be. Many people actually try a number of times before they are successful. What makes it so difficult is the fact that nicotine is an incredibly addictive drug,cheap bailey button uggs, on the same level as cocaine or heroin.
Switching to low-tar and/or low-nicotine cigarettes is a tactic that many people try,uggs for kids, thinking that it will be less harmful. However,replica ray bans for sale, because nicotine is so addicting,uggs, switching will only make you puff harder and more often on each cigarette. Your only choice for your body抯 health is to quit completely.
In spite of the many risks associated with smoking,fake hermes belt for sale, some smokers,cheap uggs outlet, particularly women,ugg clearance, believe there are also risks associated with quitting. These perceived risks,buy ray bans, gaining weight,bailey button uggs, increased stress,uggs on sale, and damaging relationships with friends who do smoke,cheap bailey button triplet, can reduce a smoker抯 motivation to quit resulting in a lower chance of success.
What can help motivate a smoker to quit,cheap uggs for kids? Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you will ever do,ugg boots. Consider the following:
*First and foremost,ugg boots clearance, you will live longer and you will live a healthier life.
*Your risk for developing heart disease,bailey bow uggs, cancer,ugg outlet store, lung disease,ugg outlet, stroke and other health conditions will diminish significantly.
*Your family will no longer be subjected to breathing in your smoke,cheap uggs. Secondhand smoke kills,ugg sparkle!
*If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant,uggs for sale, stopping smoking will improve your baby抯 chances of being healthy.
*You will be amazed at how much better you will feel and how much better you will be able to taste and smell,ugg clearance.
*You will save money,ugg outlet. (The price of cigarettes today means you will save a lot of money,ugg factory outlet stores!)
When you are ready to quit,ugg clearance, follow the steps below. They will increase your chances of success and help you kick the habit for good.
*Set a quit date and stick to it,discount uggs for kids. Period,ugg boots outlet.
*Change your environment,ugg bailey bow. You MUST do this to succeed,bailey button triplet.
1. Get rid of every ashtray you have,ugg outlet store, in your home,replica ray bans, your car,ugg sparkle boots, your office,uggs, everywhere.
2. Do not allow anyone to smoke in your home,discount ray bans for sale, ever.
3. If you associate any particular item or event with smoking,kids uggs, such as having a cup of coffee,bailey button triplet uggs, eliminate those things for a period of at least a couple of months.
*Change your behaviors,uggs for sale cheap.
1. When you have the urge to smoke,ugg boots, participate in activities that will distract you like going for a long,yeezys 350 for sale, leisurely walk with a friend or family member,ugg boots clearance, clean house,buy cheap ray bans, play with your kids,uggs, call a support person to talk you through the tough time.
2. Change your routine. Drink hot tea instead of coffee,ugg, instead of eating in front of the TV,ugg outlet store, eat at the kitchen table with your family.
3. Try some soothing stress reducers like taking a long hot bath,black friday uggs, starting an exercise regimen,cheap ugg boots, or reading a good book.
4. Plan something different or enjoyable every day,cheap uggs, whether it is a solitary activity or something to do with family or friends.
*If you have made previous attempts to quit and failed,ugg outlet online, analyze those attempts and try to deduce why they did not work.
*You will have a better chance of success,cheap ugg slippers, if you enlist the support of others.
1. Tell everyone you know,bailey button uggs on sale, your family,yeezys 350 for sale online, friends,cheap uggs for sale, and co-workers that you are going to quit and ask for their support.
2,ugg boots. Ask them not to smoke around you and not to leave cigarettes laying around,uggs for sale.
3,clearance uggs for kids. Find out what kind of support programs your local hospital or health care center offer,ugg.
4,ugg clearance boots. There are medications that can double your chances of success,ugg. Ask your doctor for advice,bailey bow uggs.
*Drink lots of water to help flush the toxins out of your body,uggs outlet. Drinking a lot of water will also help fill you up so you will not be so inclined to overeat,bailey button triplet uggs cheap.
*Once you quit,ugg factory outlet, DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER PUFF,uggs, EVER! Keep yourself away from as much temptation as possible.
Many people have relapses within the first couple of months after quitting and many people try to quit several times before they are successful at it,cheap ray bans. Do not be discouraged and give up if this happens,ray ban sale. Set a new date and start over but DO NOT GIVE UP,bailey button uggs! Below are situations that may challenge you:
*DO NOT BE AROUND OTHER SMOKERS unless you have to,ugg boots outlet. Being around other people who are smoking when you are trying to quit can be an agonizing experience,uggs outlet.
*DO NOT GET DEPRESSED. There are many ways to uplift your spirits. Count your blessings,ugg, congratulate yourself for quitting,cheap uggs, and find something to do that you enjoy.
*AVOID DRINKING ALCOHOL,bailey bow uggs. It can lower your chance of success,uggs on sale.
*DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WEIGHT GAIN,ugg outlet online clearance. The most common concern for many people who are considering giving up smoking is weight gain,ugg sale. Do not ever use this as an excuse,yeezy 350 for sale.
While most people usually gain around 10 pounds after they quit smoking,sparkle uggs, there is no reason you have to. Follow a healthy eating plan and get 20 minutes of physical activity every day.
Follow the tips above,bailey bow uggs on sale. You CAN quit smoking,uggs for kids!
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